New Custom Home Construction

Your Custom Home Is Within Reach

You are almost ready to build your custom home. But deciding on your build partner is a critical decision, perhaps the most important decision you will make. Let’s discuss how to make certain this decision is 100% correct.

Crownline Homes is ready to guide you through the process, from plan design, lot acquisition, permitting, design selection, construction, landscaping and completion. Our post-delivery quality assurance and customer service programs are handled by our capable in-house builder support group.

You Dream It, We Build It

You have a grand vision for you home (or perhaps you need help envisioning it). Crownline Homes brings those visions and dreams to reality. Whether you have a very specific plan in mind, or need help to design your home, Crownline Homes will assist you through the entire process.

We bring together the expertise of the trades and craftsmen necessary to build a home from the ground up, while keeping on budget and on time. If you dream it, we can build it.

The Process

  • Start with your dream.
  • Bring your plans or have Crownline Homes help prepare your plans.
  • Bring your dirt or have Crownline Homes help you find the perfect property.
  • Permits are tricky and getting trickier. Crownline will navigate the red tape to get your dream approved and permitted.
  • We prepare the property by removing existing structures, if any, then clear and grade.
  • Next, build the foundations and start framing. This is where things start getting exciting because you’ll really be able to see big things happening!
  • Work with our in-house decorating coordinator to begin making your selections. If you have your own decorator, we coordinate with them to make the process smooth and enjoyable.
  • Roof the home and install siding, cornice and windows.
  • Continue making your selections, including plumbing fixtures, lighting, custom cabinet designs, paint colors, flooring, etc. We help keep you on track to meet the selection deadlines so your home is finished on time.
  • Begin installation of mechanicals (plumbing, heating and air, electrical).
  • Inspections take place through the build to make sure everything is done properly and to code.
  • Insulation is installed to provide for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Work continues on the exterior, including siding and brick.
  • On the inside, sheetrock is installed. You’ll truly get a feel for how the home will look once this stage is complete.
  • Next, the detailed carpentry work takes place. The trim, molding, doors and stairs are installed.
  • Hardwood flooring is installed, along with cabinets, tile and countertops.
  • Painting begins.
  • Meanwhile, on the outside driveways and walkways are poured, landscaping begins and outdoor living elements like grills and pools are installed.
  • Inside, the mechanical trim-out means that all the plumbing and lighting fixtures you selected early in the process are finally installed. Heating and air systems are completed.
  • As your dream nears completion, final touches like mirrors and glass, bathroom accessories, closet shelving and others are installed.
  • Final painting and cleaning are completed.
  • Final walk-throughs assure your home exceeds all expectations.
  • Closing means the home is now yours.
  • Crownline Homes continues to assure that your home is completed to your satisfaction, working on any post-delivery “punch list” items upon move-in and continuing throughout the warranty period.


The most important decision you will make during your construction happens at the very beginning: deciding on your contractor. Learn more about Crownline Homes.

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