Landscaping & Outdoor Living

Enjoy the OUTSIDE of Your Home

Landscaping & Outdoor Living Will Transform Any Home

Landscaping and Outdoor Living services grew out of Crownline Homes’ existing expertise. A natural part of the custom home building process is creating a beautiful yard and outdoor living area for each home. Now this service is available to anyone, not just our custom home clients.


Dirt can be beautiful, it just needs some love, attention and expert care.

With the right grading, plant choice and ground covering, your yard will transform into a lush and beautiful garden where you will enjoy spending time with your family and friends, or in quiet solitude.

Your landscaping requirements may be large or small, and Crownline Homes is ready to handle large or small, or anything in between.

Outdoor Living

Today, there are many ways to enjoy the outside of your home besides just a traditional deck or patio. Add an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, grilling area, fountain, fish pond, pool house or other creative, cozy and exciting feature to your home.


The most important decision you will make during your renovation happens at the very beginning: deciding on your contractor. Learn more about Crownline Homes.

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