Preconstruction Planning

Plan Ahead for Construction Success

Preconstruction Planning Will Make or Break Your Project

Every construction project, from a small renovation to a new custom home, requires preconstruction planning.

Crownline Homes will work closely with you to plan your construction project, sometimes a year or more before construction begins. Finding the right piece of land, getting plans drawn and refined, deciding on construction materials and many other critical choices are all important planning steps that we can help you make during the preconstruction phase.

An Idea

Your new construction project begins with an idea. Your idea must journey through a difficult landscape filled with landmines and obstacles few people are prepared to navigate. Crownline Homes is here to shepherd your idea through this inhospitable environment until it becomes reality.


What you want to build determines how much planning is needed. For example, if you want to build a new custom home, the amount of preconstruction planning far exceeds what is necessary for most renovation. Whether you bring a set of plans to us or work with one of our designers, we will exam and refine the plans to your satisfaction. Once we determine the What, we can work to fill in all the other answers such as “Where?”, “How much?”, “When?”, etc.


Where you build may be a simple question to answer. If you are renovating your existing home, the answer is obvious. But if you are looking to build a new custom home, finding the right piece of land to build on may be a big challenge, especially if you want to build in an established area where few lots remain.

Crownline Homes typically has several lots in inventory on which you could build, but we can also help you locate land if needed. Our in-house real estate agents can help you locate and acquire the perfect piece of dirt for your project.

How Much?

You probably have a budget in mind for your project. Crownline Homes can provide a quick estimate of project cost to help you decide if the project is even feasible. But once you are sure you want to proceed, we will prepare a detailed estimate of cost so that you can see exactly how much your project will be. Together, we will refine the scope of the project and the level of finish so that the cost stays within your budget.

Our standard pricing model for homes and larger renovations is “cost plus” which means that the amount you pay is the exact cost of the materials and labor, plus a pre-determined fee, either a specific amount or percentage. This pricing methodology gives you peace of mind, knowing that the price we pay for materials and labor is what you pay. Smaller jobs may be quoted a simple flat rate price.


The When of your project may be your biggest question. No one likes to wait, and large projects can take many months to plan and construct. Part of the preconstruction planning process is to lay out a construction schedule. We will share this schedule with you so that you can see when the project will begin and when it will end. Throughout the actual construction phase, you will have access to this schedule via our online portal so that you can see the progress through the schedule as well as any changes due to weather delays or other shifts.

Crownline Homes works incredibly hard on creating a realistic schedule and keeping it so that we can deliver your home or renovation on time.


The most important decision you will make during your renovation happens at the very beginning: deciding on your contractor. Learn more about Crownline Homes.

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